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Heart Songs

What is a Heart Song? Remember what it feels like when you hear a song that perfectly describes what you are going through right now? I call those Heart Songs. They tug at your heart. They make you laugh and they make you cry. As soon as the song is over, you play it again.  Shortly after I became a Christian, I began writing songs from my heart, and they turned out to be Heart Songs for others. These songs are the result of years of listening to God instruct me through life. Each of the songs has a story about the real life stuff I was going through at the time.  In sharing these songs with you, my hope is they will minister to you, the way they have ministered to me. They’re Heart Songs.
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Check out my new book!!

Check out Melanie’s newest book, “Imagination…It’s Up to You”, published in December 2013.  This book is similar to the “Chocolate” book in that it was first a song, and inside the back cover of the book is a CD of Melanie reading/singing the book.  Your little ones will be able to follow along and “read” by themselves, or you can play the CD while running errands or on road trips!  Melanie teamed up with Bayfield artist Cindy Coleman again for the artwork in this beautiful book.

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