bird“Melanie touches the hearts of all people with her songs.”

-Priscilla Blevins


“Melanie sings about the challenges of growing up, love, learning, friendships, and much more. Her songs will make you laugh and will make you cry.”

-Kathy Stottlemyer


“[Melanie] Milburn has found a way to successfully fuse her two passions; children and music…Using repetition as an instrument of learning, Milburn’s songs contain rhyming lyrics that stick in one’s head.”

-The Durango Herald


“God has gifted Melanie through music and she has used her gifts to be a blessing to our church. She has music that men, women, and children will love.”

-Pastor Justin Ross
Durango Baptist Church


singing“Melanie is a gifted musician and dedicated teacher of young children. Her real life experiences with kids, and her great love for them, comes through in her original compositions. She performs with hu mor, energy, creativity, and heart! You’ve got to hear her yourself to appreciate how fun it is for you and old alike.

-Libby Culver
Early Childhood Administrator


Comments from Book Customers

One of the preschool Mom’s brings her child to school late and she apologizes, She says, “We were reading your chocolate book.  It was such a precious time, we read, we sang, we cuddled and said how much we loved each other over and over again”.  She hugged me and said,
“Thanks for writing such a precious book.”


A fellow preschool teacher emailed me and said, “We love your book.  It is the kid’s favorite.   They always ask me to read it to them, over and over again.”

A husband bought the book for his chocoholic wife.  She loved it.  She said, “Finally, somebody understands the true meaning of love!”

A Mom bought it for her 18 year old daughter.  They had a tradition of always
going out on special occasions for chocolate sundaes.  Her daughter loved the book, and said she was going to have the same tradition with her daughter if she was lucky enough to   have one, and that she would save the book for her too.


“I Love You, Lord “ was one of the top 5 finalists for…

Song Of The Year