Imagination…It’s Up to You!

My boys love the message and illustrations in this book. They giggle out loud while reading it! We always add to the story with our own adventures that get pretty silly! In a day and age were children do not have to use their imagination, it is a lovely reminder of the adventures we can go on everyday with a little imagination. A must have for every house hold.
Colorado Mom


I absolutely love this children’s book! The story and illustrations are amazing….a favorite in our house. My daughter is a first grade teacher and I gave her this book for her library at her school…..a favorite in this classroom too!

Burgess Colorado


Imagination…It’s Up to You is a treat for the whole family. After reading the book to my 4 and 6 year old, we listened to the CD. My kids were smiling and singing along while looking thru the colorful pages. The conversation that sparked afterwards was a delight. This is a must for the family library!
Tammy Osborn


My son (3) and daughter (2) have absolutely LOVED this book!!!! It’s definitely one of the favorites in our house and a must-read every night. The illustrations are so cute and the story line is perfect for young kids….Use your Imagination!!!!


Such a fun children’s book! It fosters creativity, has a sweet story, amazing pictures, and a wonderful CD for children to listen to and follow along. My daughter loves this book. Highly recommend for anyone with children, grandchildren, or for all adults who need to be reminded to dream big!!
Elizabeth A.


This allows everyone to feel powerful, there are endless options in life. It’s Up to You! Encourage everyone to open this book and open your mind & heart!
Amanda McKown


Wonderful book about what you can do with your imagination! beautifully written and illustrated! My children love singing along to the CD! I have enjoyed this book and bought another for my nieces.
Amy Guenther


For anyone who loves books, this is a “must have!” Story and illustrations are PERFECT… Not too short or too long–my daughter and I adore this tender creation and will never tire of its sweet message or the inspiration it provides. Melanie Milburn is amazing!!
Jeana Kelley