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Three of Melanie Milburn’s greatest passions in life are children, chocolate and music. With her initial venture into writing children’s books, she has managed to include all of them. “I Love You More Than Chocolate” is an expression of a mother’s love for her children. The book includes a CD of Melanie singing the words of the text.

She had the idea to write a children’s book for many years. Tucking her kids into bed at night was her special time to let them know how much she loved them. She always told them that she loved them more than anything, even chocolate, which was saying a lot. They knew she was a chocoholic, so they knew they were really loved.


Melanie has also authored 3 more books. “ Imagination, It’s Up to You,” “The Hand of God”, and “The Time-out Chair Blues”.



Time Out Chair Blues

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