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Melanie's Music - What People are saying


Melanie sings about the challenges of growing up, love, learning, friendships, and much more.  Her songs will make you laugh and will  make you cry.  Kathy Stottlemyer


Melanie is a gifted musician and a dedicated teacher of young children.  Her real life experiences with kids and her great love for them comes through in her original compositions.  She performs with humor, energy, creativity and heart!  You’ve got to hear her yourself to appreciate how fun it is for young and old alike.  Libby Culver, Early childhood Administrator


I love the book! I can't wait to read it tonight to the boys. You are so talented and creative! It is so inspiring to see people who truly live the life they were meant to live- we benefit so much. Thank you. I can feel your heart in everything you do.  Marietta Eccher Linney


“My children's eyes lit up when I read them Melanie Milburn's book, "I Love You More... Than Chocolate".  As many times as I've told them I love them, in what I've said and what I've done, they've never been as delighted as they were to hear that I really did love them more than chocolate.  The book conveys what parents want their children to know in a way that speaks clearly and impressively to the child's mind and heart.  Inspired by this story, my three year old beamed as I tucked her into bed, "Mommy, I love YOU more than pink ice cream!"   Amy McClellan


“Miss Melanie is a talented teacher and author.  Her crazy obsession for chocolate can only be overshadowed by her love of children.  We are lucky to have Miss Melanie in our lives.”  Conor Feeney

“I have read I Love You More… Than Chocolate to my girls several times now.  We love it!  As a mom I find it so touching!  The girls love it for a bedtime story, they like to sing the song & look at the pictures...we make a list of the things that we love, but not more than one another!  Livi says she loves your book more than chocolate too!  Jan Schill


I Love You More Than Chocolate – What People are Saying

5 out of 5 Stars from Charles Ashbacher at Amazon – “This book is about one of the most pleasant things that children can hear from their parents, being told that {daddy, mommy} loves them”.  

From a Little Sanity – “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the book….but love even more how much my daughter has fallen in love with it and is READING (all on her own) to everyone who will listen!”…”This book rates a 6/5 for us…which I have NEVER done. Be sure to find it and get it…add it to your library and those of your children, grandchildren, and friends”!

From For the Love of KIDS Books – “…author Melanie Milburn, spoke to my heart when she put her book to music and included it on an enclosed CD. My kids love music, so I love being able to sing them another sweet song about how much I love them!  

From Our Guilty Pleasures – “The book is the perfect length to keep a child’s interest, and the rhyming will make it easy for a child to learn to recite the book by heart along with the CD that is included”. 

From Abbie Reviews – ”It is evident in this book the deep love that this author has for children and her desire to share with them how very special they are. I believe that this book will quickly become a favorite bedtime tradition for parent and child…”  

From Frugal Plus – “This children’s bright, eye-catching picture book in a word – Winner! What child doesn’t love to hear a parents confirmation of their LOVE?! Illustrator, Cindy Coleman has done an Awesome job of knowing exactly what attracts a child and keeps their colorful curiosity. Author, Melanie Milburn has the gift of warm, heartfelt words that hug a child! Combined, with the musical CD, it’s a delightful read to share anytime”.

From Bob on Books – KidLit - “With easy to learn rhymes, I Love You More than Chocolate will appeal to young children who will be singing (and “reading”) along quickly. Its comforting message makes it an ideal bedtime storybook”. 

From Gimme the Scoop Reviews – This has quickly became our little girls favorite book! …This will be a great addition to your child's library for sure! I can’t even express how much we have enjoyed it!  

4 the Love of Books – Written originally as a song now in book form. This rhyming book is just adorable. If you have a child that needs that extra touch knowing you love them no matter what this is the book. Also comes with a CD of the author singing the song.

The Paperback Pusuer – This delightful children’s book is so much fun to read! …For kids, it’s all about getting excited and making the book fun and interactive, and that’s what Melanie Milburn has succeeded in doing. I recommend this book to young children and the people that read to them.  

My Tower of Books – This is such a sweet book! I think I’ve read it almost 20 times to my kids after having it for about a week….A cd of the author singing the song that goes with the book is on the back cover….I believe we listened to this song the whole 45 minute drive to my parents’ house. Pretty catchy tune! A great book (and song) that kids will want to hear again and again!  

Fort Lewis College, Early Childhood Education class - What People are Saying

You are so Amazing! Every new teacher needs to be inspired by you!  I can't thank you enough! Professor Andrea 'Ash' Berghoff


Thank you so much for coming into our class to share your talent and passion with us.  I loved hearing all of your thoughts and tips and hearing your stories.  I think it is amazing that you have written and created so many songs and books.  I loved the way you put the stories into songs and sing them so wonderfully.  I am so thankful children in preschool have the opportunity to be influenced and taught by such a lovely woman! Desiree S.

You did a wonderful job presenting to us.  It was very inspiring to hear and see you perform all of the songs...Thank you so much for touching my life and inspiring me to continue with the Elementary Education degree.  Anna S.

Your love and passion for working with children was very inspiring and getting to meet you was a wonderful experience.  Jody T.

I greatly enjoyed your creative and fun songs and I am very glad I bought a book.  I have already shared it with my kids and they loved it!  Kelly C.

Thank you for showing me that as a teacher, I can have fun! Thank you for showing me that I can incorporate my passions into my classroom.  Ashley K.

I am majoring in Early Childhood Education here at Fort Lewis College. and I have worked with toddlers and preschoolers for over 5 years...I loved the songs you taught us and I can truly see you love what you do.   Amanda M.


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